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Named after the Russian port city, Archangel were born in 2001 with Peter Innes on vocals and keyboards, Euan Walker on lead guitar and John Sinclair on drums.

Also part of the original line-up were bassist Adam Fitchett and rhythm guitarist Gordon Stirling-Whyte, but it was the Glasgow-based triumvirate of Innes, Walker and Sinclair who went on to play live around Scotland from 2003 onwards.

That year saw too the release of the band's first album, the seven-tracked Idiot Syncrasies. The follow-up True Colours EP contained four songs and was produced in 2005. Although John called it a day in 2007, Peter and Euan continued to perform acoustic sets until 2008.  A somewhat extended sabbatical followed.

In late 2012, the band reconvened with Dougie Frew on drums and Stephen McLeary on bass. Archangel made a welcome return to the live scene at the end of 2013. Peter, Euan, Dougie and Stephen recorded the band's long-awaited third album, Big In Estonia, in August 2014.  Archangel's latest offering, Princess Of Persia, was released in June 2016, when the band celebrated their fifteenth birthday.

Archangel have played a host of venues and festivals across the land since 2003, including Nice 'n' Sleazy, 13th Note, Ivory Blacks, Record Factory, Box, ABC2, Bar & Fly, Soundhaus, Rockers, Stereo, The Vale, Rock Garden, Fury Murry's, Bourbon Street, Liquid Lounge, The Universal, Blackfriars, The Attic, Whistle Binkies, Rock The Valley, Scene On The Green, and the band's very own Angelfest.

Between them, Peter, Euan, Dougie and Stephen have been gigging for more than half a century, which is hard to believe given their unabated youthful exhuberance...

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